About Us

We are group of professional photographers & videographers who share the passion for wedding photography & videography and the joy of life. Our work celebrates existence and the uniqueness of the couples we portrait. We love discovering life’s little wonders and sharing them with people around the world. This gallery is where we share our vision of life, love and everything else that makes this world colorful, beautiful and alive.


As one of Vey Gallery’s owner, who works out of Houston area, Miguel has been in the wedding industry since 2010 and already his work is amazing. With skills that he has developed through his many photo and video sessions, Miguel offers stunning high-quality pictures and videos that will leave you in awe. With weddings and engagements as his specialization, he works closely with couples to ensure that they get amazing pictures. There is no doubt that his images are a work of art. Capturing emotions, intricate details, and magical moments, he is able to adapt quickly and get great angles for his photos and videos. Leaving his clients breathless, he finds joy in sharing their special moments and giving them pictures to cherish.


Based in Houston – Texas, Melvin captures the heart and soul of photography. Specializing in weddings and engagements, he offers stunning pictures that will leave you breathless. Melvin works not only with professionalism but with a friendly attitude that makes each photo session personalized. With over 300 weddings under his belt, his skills are sharpened so that no special moment is missed.
With care for detail that others don’t often notice, a personalization to each shoot, and the ability to shoot great quality pictures without disrupting the event, Melvin’s creative passion for photography is outstanding. With moments that last forever in his beautiful pictures, he offers quality work at a fraction of other photographers. His love for photography really shows and will continue to in all the future work to come.