Alane Deviare’s Photosession | Downtown Los Angeles Portrait and Fashion Photography

Last Thursday, I had photoshoot session with amazing Photographer and Model… The Model is Alane Deviare, she’s very talented and very easy to work with… Has beautiful eyes! and awesome skin tone! 🙂

The photographer is Noel Daganta, an amazing and very talented photographer, taught me a lot of new tricks how to do fashion photography specially photography style for magazine cover. Check out Noel’s work at his website. Noel has amazing studio in Downtown Los Angeles.

We have tons of pictures that i really want to post all of it on my blog, but i dont want to make you all bored with it.. so.. i narrowed it down to 33 images… here we go.. enjoy.


p.s. Dear Chanel & LV, i just put your Perfume or Logo on my image just to get an idea what it looks like. Please don’t sue me. Hire me. 🙂

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