Jerlene + Jing Yoong :: Marina Barrage, Singapore Engagement Photography

Here we go… first couple that i shot on my Singapore trip.. Jerlene and Jing Yoong are great couple.. they are perfect for each other… cute… funny.. and most importantly.. they complete each other.. 🙂


Here’s what the couple said about Melvin Gilbert Photography :

We were introduced to Melvin Gilbert photography by one of our wedding planner friend. Initially, we were not sure whether to engage Melvin as his photography package is very different from those that we asked about. However, after looking at Melvin’s website, we were convinced by the lovely and candid shoots that Melvin took for the other couples and decided to give it a shot.

Both my fiance and I were rather apprehensive on our actual shooting day as that was our first shooting session and we have no idea what to expect or how to pose! We were so glad that Melvin were able to put us at ease very quickly and giving us lots of ideas to explore. We had a fun day shooting.

We were very pleased with the final product. I love the journalistic style of Melvin Gilbert photography. Melvin is very good at capturing the moments and details that counts as he knows how to make use of the lighting and objects to capture special moments. All my friends who saw our photos were impressed!

Thumbs up for Melvin Gilbert photography!

Jingyoong & Jerlene (Singapore)
Photo taken: Sep 2010

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