Monica & Shawn :: Union Station & LACMA Los Angeles Engagement Session

Guess who is our client? It’s Monica and Shawn. We met Monica at Candice & Tony’s wedding as their wedding coordinator, now she is preparing for own her big day. Great!

Shawn met Monica in a church conference back in 2006 and since then they get to know each other more and get into special short distance relationship. Short distance relationship? Yeah, Shawn lives in San Diego and Monica is in Los Angeles, they visit each other over the weekend. So we decided to take their engagement pictures at Union Station, where their weekly ride is to and from San Diego. There’s a lot of stories to tell about them, but let’s keep it for later

They are very fun couple to work with. Loving and laughter at all time on the e-session which make us so comfortable and not rushing while taking pictures. We are very excited to shoot on their wedding later this October! Yay!

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