Desiree Gahr & Seth McCarthy :: The San Diego California LDS Temple Wedding Photography

There was beautiful weather on Desiree and Seth’s wedding day. The young couple was getting happily married at their beautiful church, the San Diego California LDS Temple with the blessings of many others.  Beautiful, sophisticated and delightful, was my impression of Desiree; tall, modest and kind was my impression of Seth. The couple was perfect for each other.

While the bride was getting dressed and pampered by her team of bridesmaids, the groom was nervously waiting for his wife-to-be while getting himself into the tuxedo. I never thought I’d see such a big team of groomsmen and bridesmaids, 9 and 8 of them respectively. But without any suspicion, I knew it was only because the couple was truly loved by their families and friends. Do you feel the love and support from the crowd? While they were the center of attention on that day, the couple didn’t forget to have fun with their friends while respecting their families either. On the one hand, you have the groomsmen goofing off a little seeing their brother getting married. The ladies though, all came in different shades of green, which complimented bride while maintaining their individualities. The girly pink shoes they all wore uniformly symbolized their friendship and sisterly love them had for the bride. Families in the back were all in rejoicing for the couple and for sure, the couple themselves was just so fond with each other. It was a perfect harmony.
The wedding wasn’t in any way overly extravagant. The couple to me was peaceful and down to earth. At the witness of their family and friends, Desiree and Seth finally got married and were ready to move on to the next stage of their lives together. With my best wishes to the couple, here I present to you, the wedding photos of Desiree and Seth.

San Diego, California

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